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ReBecca Hunt-Foster is the Monument Paleontologist and Museum Curator at Dinosaur National Monument. Her current research includes Early Cretaceous ornithomimosaurs from North America, the Upper Cretaceous Williams Fork Formation paleofauna of western Colorado and eastern Utah, the ichnofauna of the lower-middle Jurassic rocks of eastern Utah. ReBecca has worked as a paleontologist in western Colorado and eastern Utah since 2007. She lives in northeastern Utah with her family and enjoys traveling to new places and spending time with friends and family. 



Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas                                   2003-2005

Masters of Science, 2005

Geology, emphasis in Vertebrate Paleontology

            Major advisor: Dr. Thomas M. Lehman

            Thesis title: Ceratopsid dinosaurs from the Javelina Formation              (Maastrichtian), Big Bend National Park, Texas.


University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas                      2000-2003

Bachelors of Science, 2003

Earth Sciences, emphasis in Geology and Paleontology

            Major advisors: W.L. Manger, L.C. Davis and D.L. Zachry

            Senior Thesis title: An Early Cretaceous theropod from   

            southwestern Arkansas.


ReBecca has worked at Dinosaur National Monument as the Lead Paleontologist and Museum Curator since 2018. She was formerly the District Paleontologist for the Canyon Country District of the Bureau of Land Management, located in Moab, and the Paleontology Collections Manager at the Museum of Western Colorado's Dinosaur Journey Museum.

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